Santa Barbara festivities

December 4th At the beginning of December, around the 4th, Santa Bárbara, patron saint of miners, is celebrated. A festivity that encourages coexistence and favors the recovery of history and traditions linked to mining. While La Carolina was mining, the image of Santa Bárbara was paraded through the streets accompanied by the miners and by the roar of the drills. … Read More

Patron saint festivities of San Juan de la Cruz

24 november Around November 24, the town congregates in the Parroquia de la Inmaculada to officiate the Holy Mass and the veneration of the relic of the Saint. At the exit the traditional raffle of a pig is maintained. And in the afternoon, the people take to the streets to accompany the patron saint in procession. High point of the … Read More

Commemoration of the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa

Batalla de las navas de tolosa

July 16th It is celebrated especially in the district of Navas de Tolosa every July 16 together with the Virgen del Carmen. The installation of a medieval market, the shows set at that time and the re-enactment of the battle, as well as the procession of Nuestra Señora del Carmen through the streets of the town, contribute to the festive … Read More

Foundation Festivities

Monumento de la Fundación

July 5th Every July 5, the promulgation of the Royal Certificate and Population Charter of Carlos III in 1767 is commemorated and celebrated, which gave life and character to the foundation of La Carolina as the Capital of the New Populations of Sierra Morena and Andalusia. This celebration acquired special relevance from 1967, when the II Centenary of the foundation … Read More

La Carolina Fair

May 14 It is celebrated on May 14, having its origin in the cattle markets that began to develop in this Capital of the New Populations, coinciding with the passing of the transhumant people who gathered and concentrated in the old ejido of the city, summoning dealers of all types of cattle, cattle, sheep, horses, cattle and goats. As it … Read More

Holy Week

Eleven brotherhoods of passion carry out their processional parades during Holy Week in Carolina. The moments of greatest tradition and expectation are the procession of the Nazarene (early morning and morning of Good Friday), which enjoys extraordinary popular devotion, and the Encounter (in the afternoon of Good Friday) between the brotherhoods of Cristo de la Buena Muerte and the Virgin … Read More


Carnaval de La Carolina

February Of recognized fame throughout the region, where the typical “mascarones” make the streets their own. Tradition gives it a prominent position in municipal celebrations, as they continued to be celebrated here even in times when it was prohibited, receiving visits from people from the neighboring towns. It begins with the comparsas and chirigotas contests, as well as a great … Read More

The Candelarias and bagels from San Blas

las candelarias

February 2 and 3 On February 2, on the eve of San Blas, residents traditionally gather in their neighborhoods around bonfires that are lit to coincide with the end of pruning the olive grove. The fire welcomes the familiarity with which the neighborhood is lived in the town, where everyone who passes is invited and well received, while enjoying the … Read More