El Puntal viewpoint

In the heart of the Sierra Morena, in the municipality of La Carolina, at the foot of the El Puntal pass is the old forest house known as Casa del Puntal, in an enclave of high landscape value and a protected natural environment, within the Monte Público.

Location (coordinates): 38° 21' 53.47'' N 3° 42' 9.05'' W / X 438,627.75 Y 4,246,531.02.

How to get there: Access is through the town of El Centenillo or through other forest trails, such as the Puente de la Pasada Castaño. The point is within the Public Forest of El Puntal, whose management is in the PGI of Public Forests of the Andalusian Environment Agency. The City Council of La Carolina is managing a collaboration agreement and tender to collaborate in the public management of said protected area, including leisure and free time activities, where astronomical observation is contemplated, which is also part of the Comprehensive Management Plan of said space.

The access of groups of people will be reduced to the maximum allowed by environmental management.

Light socket: no.

Parking: No, but there is enough open space to park without a problem.

Telescope support: No.

Open horizon: Yes, somewhat reduced in the level of the NO horizon.

Level surface: s/n.

Public ownership. Public Mount.

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