Room 2: Prehistory to Iberians

These primitive cultures left their mark on these mountains through the numerous groups of cave paintings.
The representations of so-called schematic art are the most abundant in the area of La Carolina and are characterized by rectilinear or arched lines and uniform flat inks in red, black and white. There is a varied typology of symbolic figures of men, animals and idols.
According to the specialists, its location is predominantly oriented towards the east (NE-S), linked to nearby watercourses, passageways or hunting grounds.
The El Puntal, Arroyo Camarenes, Barranco de Doña Dama, El Guindo and Cueva de los Calderones complexes stand out.

Chronologically, it is situated in the area around the 6th and 5th millennium Before Christ, towards the end of the Neolithic period, when these cultures form the fundamental basis of the schematic code through which they expressed a complex world of religious, economic and social elements.