Navas de Tolosa viewpoint

Peri-urban area of ​​the annex of Navas de Tolosa, next to the water tank in the municipality of La Carolina.

Location (coordinates): 38° 17' 18.95'' N 3° 35' 7.79 W / X 448,796.81 Y 4,237,998.52.

How to get there: The town of Navas de Tolosa is located just 2 km from La Carolina, next to the Andalusia AIV motorway, exits Km. 265 to the N or Km. 266 on the S. Take the service road that leads to the two possible entrances to the town, take  Real street and then Muradal street. The point is It is next to the Public School of Navas de Tolosa, on your left.

Light socket: s/n.

Parking: Yes, there is space to park, and if not in the adjacent streets.

Telescope mount: none.

Open horizon: Yes. Successful astronomical observations have already been made in several editions, without interference from light pollution by the population.

Level surface: Small irregular plain.

Property (Public/Private): Public, urban space.

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