24 november

Around November 24, the town congregates in the Parroquia de la Inmaculada to officiate the Holy Mass and the veneration of the relic of the Saint. At the exit the traditional raffle of a pig is maintained. And in the afternoon, the people take to the streets to accompany the patron saint in procession. High point of the celebration is the arrival at the Hermitage of San Juan de la Cruz, where his memory, stay and miracles are venerated. Firework displays and all kinds of sporting and cultural events liven up this festivity.

From the first moments of the foundation of La Carolina, the settlers showed great devotion to San Juan de la Cruz, who spent some stays in the old Convent of La Peñuela, so that he was promptly adopted as patron and protector. Until a few years ago, the Brotherhood of San Juan de la Cruz de La Carolina has been the first and the only one in the world with this dedication, and has always been deeply rooted in charity and social and spiritual assistance in the municipality.